Explore Himachal – Off the Beaten Track

Ever been to Himachal?

Yes? Good!

You think you have seen it all? Spiti? Kheer Ganga? Kasol? Kasauli? Rohtang? Is there anything more about Himachal?

There is a lot more to Himachal, infact what you have seen is just an infinitesimal small part of the mysterious wonderland called Himachal.

We will compile all that info in one single page to help you take a virtual tour of #UnforgettableHimachal first and when your feet start itching to head into the unknown yourself, this page will serve as your one stop solution.

Treks in Himachal

Great Himalayan Ranges, the Dhauladhar Range, and the mighty Pir Panjal run all along the boundary of Himachal. There are more than 65 passes in Himachal, 25 of them in the Dhauladhar Range alone. Here you can find all of them listed at one place. Treks In Himachal


Five Challenging Treks in Himachal

Darati Pass, Pir Panjal, Chamba-Lahaul: The sickle shape pass. Maximum Altitude – 4700 meters. Start Point: Dantuin (Chamba). End Point: Tindi (Lahaul). Best Time: July-August. Difficult Trek. Click to Read Three Part Story.

Kali Cho Pass, Pir Panjal, Chamba-Lahaul: The Mother of All Passes. Maximum Altitude: 4980 meters. Start Point: Tundah (Chamba). End Point: Himsa-Triloknath. Best Time: August-September. Very Difficult Trek. Click to read Two Part Story

Indrahar Pass, Dhauladhar, Kangra-Chamba: The most popular pass. Maximum Altitude: 4350 meters. Start Point: Triund. End Point: Dunalli. Best Time: August-September. Moderate Trek. Click to Read the Story

Sukh Dali Pass, Manimahesh Ranges, Holi-Bharmaur: Rendezvous with the Kailash. Maximum Altitude: 4620 meters. Start Point: Kalah (Chamba) End Point: Manimahesh Lake-Hadsar. Best Time: July-August. Difficult Trek. Click to Read the Story

Sersank La, Great Himalayan Ranges, Pangi-Zanskar: The back breaking pass. Maximum Altitude: 5130 meters. Start Point:Sural End Point: Zanskar (Bardan Gompa). Best Time: August. Difficult Trek. Click to Read Story

Tower Temples of Himachal

Ashapuri Tower Temple, Ashapuri Kothi Sainj, Kullu
The Twin Towers of Ashapuri & Budha Narayan, Sainj

Massive structures of wood and stone rising as high as 45 meters above the ground. As many as 15 of them in the Kullu Mandi and Kinnaur region. These are the tower temples of Himachal, primarily built as a defensive structure. The Seraj Region of Himachal, comprising of parts of Mandi, Kullu, and Shimla, is exclusively known for its wood-workers and such tower temples. Read everything you want to know about these tower temples here.

Video Himachal 

Over the years I have traveled in Himachal, I have made short videos of my journeys. Some of them will scare you to death while some of them will take you to the dreamland that Alice once talked of. Here, I am sharing five of the most popular travel videos from my blog.

The Rock Cut Wonders of Pangi Kishtwar

Crossing Rohtang In Winters

Ghepan Ghat Glacial Lake in Lahaul

Sach Pass Expedition

A Broken Bridge at Killar

This page will be updated frequently. Watch out for the best of Himachal. Travel, Be Happy!

3 thoughts on “Explore Himachal – Off the Beaten Track”


  2. Hello tarun ji, we are planning to do twin kailash yatra (kinnaur and shrikhand Mahadev ) in the month of June. Can you please suggest some local travel agents to help us out. Thank you.

  3. I don’t think it is a good idea to plan Srikhand or Kinnaur Kailash in June. That’s a bit technical and risky. If at all you want to go, you should go in July and August.

    You may try Rachho Trekkers or Sonu Negi for such services. You’ll find his email id/ phone number on Google.

    Though J haven’t used his services but he is an online acquaintance.

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