Himri Pass Yatra – A Photo Journey

We couldn’t complete this trek because of our greed to reach greater heights. Let me explain how…

Himri Pass is a passage between Raison/Himri Village and Lagh Valley/Gramang Village. However a few hundred meters North of Himri Pass lies another narrow gulley which villagers use whenever they want to reach Kadiganch Village in the Lagh Valley. A gain of 350 meters in altitude over a distance of 1.5-2 kilometers.

Shalabh from Trekhimachal crossed this pass long ago, probably in 2010-2011 and other than his, there was no record found online detailing this trek. There are few trek agents who have been marketing this trek online by calling it ‘The Bhang Trek’ but 9 out of 10 such trek agencies are just playing the SEO game and I’m sure they won’t be able to place Himri Pass or Lagh Valley on the map of Himachal Pradesh.

Even after we crossed Bhubhu Pass (2011 and 2018), we couldn’t find much information about this pass because locals of Lagh Valley were too excited about the tunnel across Bhubhu Pass that was promised to them in 2014 elections (and then in 2017 and then again in 2019 elections…) Our efforts didn’t result any concrete information in 2018. But then Peter Van Geit happened and we had true information in our hands.

Now we had everything at our disposal. Trail marked by Peter on OSM, Rajeshwar Thakur – our local friend from Raison accompanying us, Amru Bhai from Himri Village guiding us. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t complete the trek for we wanted to try out another trail, that was higher and steeper than actual Himri Pass. Unprecedented snowfall in 2018-2019, as I have been saying since long blocked out paths. The descent towards Kadiganch Village was too steep and the trail disappeared in heavy snow just as we decided to descend. Recalling our experience at Thini Pass, we decided to call it quits and turned back from the top.

But crossing Himri Pass would still be my priority because I want to pay my respects to Shalabh. His website might be gone but reading his account of Himri Pass still remains afresh in my mind and I would like to experience what he experienced when he went there in 2011…

The stories, as I have said repeatedly will be published in my next book, which may take a month or 12 to hit the print. If you’re interested, you can order the first one here: [Sabse Uncha Pahad – 31 Treks in Himachal Pradesh (Hindi) Buy Online

Meanwhile, you can have a look at the photographs that we had clicked on the trail.

Himri Village – This marks the start of the trek.

That snow laden mountain is Fungni Top and the sloping side of the mountain on the right forms a narrow gullley which is where we were supposed to go – Himri Pass

The waterfall comes into sight once you’ve crossed the first hurdle. A back breaking, sun-exposed climb of almost 4 kilometers that culminates at a big sloping ground where you will find tiny gujjar settlements.

This is the point where from you decide whether to go to Kadiganch Pass or Himri Pass. If you take a left and aim at the narrow gulley that I had mentioned before, you’ll be crossing Himri Pass and landing at Gramang Village. However, if you take a right like we did, and trek another 350 meters upwards, you will be crossing Kadiganch Pass and landing at Kadiganch Village in Lagh Valley. Choose wisely!!!

The Northerners of Kullu-Lahaul. Throughout the journey, you’ll be walking in the shadows of these very giants. A great reward for a sun-exposed trail.

Rajeshwar Thakur, our friend who has explored this region left-right and center. You”ll be in an awesome company if he is walking besides you

Kadiganch Pass, 3570 meters

My friend Uday soaking in all the sunshine before he leaves Himachal for another assignment that awaits him in Goa/Antarctica.

Good luck my friend. You will be missed.

We shall pay you another visit Himri… Until we meet again!!!


  • Where to stay in Raison?
    • We stayed at Rajeshwar Thakur’s Homestay. He has constructed an authentic wooden wonder that overlooks his orchard on one side and the vast expanse of Kullu Valley on the other side. Soon, he is coming up with a backpacker’s hostel as well.
    • Contact Rajeshwar Thakur– 7018369494 | Follow Rajeshwar Thakur @ Instagram
  • What are the trek details?
    • Maximum Altitude: 3570 meters/11850 feet
    • Trek Distance: 13.2km (Himri – Kadiganch Pass Top-Himri)
    • The trail from the top of the pass to Lagh Valley side is steep.
    • Himri Pass is bit shorter: 3250 meters/ 14 kilometers approx. (Himri-Gramang Village)
  • Is water available on the trail?
    • Yes. Plenty. On both the sides of the pass.
    • Though it is advisable to refill your bottles at Gujjar campsite, which is a huge sloping grassland overlooking the waterfall.
  • When to visit?
    • June-October
  • Download GPS file here: Himri Pass Trail

2 thoughts on “Himri Pass Yatra – A Photo Journey”

  1. Spectacular vistas!

    Thank you for this. The efforts that both you and Shalabh have undertaken over the years to document these lesser-known routes are truly commendable. These posts will be invaluable sources of information for years to come. It is unfortunate that his blog has been down for a while now, but the frequent posts on your blog more than make up for it!

    Are copies of सबसे ऊँचा पहाड़ currently available?

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