7 Most Read Blog Posts of 2017

This is the age of testicles listicles. Everyone is telling you 99 reasons to do this and 101 reasons not to do that. So, I thought I’d also come up with a list of my own.

More so because I am recuperating from a knee injury which keeps dragging me down the memory lane. So I over analyzed my blog stats and I was surprised to find that there are good people out there who are actually reading this blog 😀

Before I start, Facebook has been the leading source of traffic for this blog followed by Google Search and [surprise] Instagram.

I wrote 33 blog posts in 2017, mostly about cycling and only three on trekking because that’s the total number of trekking expeditions I was a part of in 2017.

Here’s a list/summary of most read stories on this blog since March 2017. And I am surprised to find three stories from my Madhya Pradesh travels in the most read section. Not just that, two of these appear in the most read stories of all times on my blog. To my amazement, I went to Madhya Pradesh in 2014 and within three years stories from MP have made it to the top of most read blog posts.

To give you just an idea, Bhoramdev Temple story has been read over 22,000 times in the last one year (March 17 to March 18). I am listing down all the stories that gained traction last year so that if you haven’t read them already, you can give them a second look.

Here we go.

1. Kamru Shikari Yatra, In the Shadow of Pir Panjals

I went to Kamrunag in 2003 just after our higher secondary results were announced. It was a tiring trek and all I remember from 2003 is a long and uneventful walk. I went again in 2014 and it became one of the most fulfilling walks of my life. With mountains all around and well laid path in front of me, it was a pleasant walk this time unlike 2003.

Read: Kamru Shikari Yatra

Snow Kamrunag Temple Winter Trek
Snow Laden Gabled Roof, Kamrunag Temple

2. Bhoramdev Temple, Chhattisgarh

Originally written in Hindi, this was my first encounter with Madhya Pradesh. And I don’t hesitate to admit that if my knee journey doesn’t allow me to walk in 2018, I wouldn’t really mind making repeated trips to the amazing land of Chhattisgarh for it has immense to offer. This post too was written in 2014 and it also appears as one of the most read blog posts of all times on my blog.

Though I hate to draw parallels but to acquaint you of the importance of these temples, Bhormadev Temple is known as the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh for its intricate and erotic sculptures.

Read: Bhormadev Yatra

3. Amarkantak Yatra, Madhya Pradesh

Originally written in Hindi, this post was also published in 2014. Amarkantak was the starting point of our seven day long Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh journey. And I can say the same about Madhya Pradesh in case my knee injury doesn’t heal in 2018.

Amarkantak happens to be the origin of Narmada River, which eventually happens to be one of the largest rivers of India. Narmada River is revered in the Central and Western India, so much so that people infact perform the parikrama of this river which lasts for 3 Years, 3 Months, and 3 Days.

Read: Amarkantak Yatra

4. Manimahesh Kailash Yatra, 2017

This was my 7th visit to Chamba Kailash. Every year my trekking journey starts from Manimahesh. Because we were stuck in a downpour, this journey turned out to be entirely different than previous 6 occasions and most satisfying of the whole lot.

Read: Chamba Kailash Yatra, 2017

6. Trekking in Himalaya: Accidents and Lessons 

Having lost people to mountains, this post is close to my heart. I wrote it with just one intention: to make atleast one person aware of what it means to venture in the mountains unprepared. I think I have made that difference going by the feedback this post has received.

Read: Trekking in Himalaya

7. Srikhand Kailash Yatra, 2017

My high point of 2017. A journey that I had planned since 2011 could be completed only in 2017. And the wait was worth every second for Srikhand Kailash is just out of this world. A place worth thousand visits.

Read: Srikhand Kailash Yatra, 2017

South Parbati and Pyramid Peak

Do let me in comments which one among these is your favorite.

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