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7 High Altitude Lakes in Himachal | Perfect Recipe for a Gorgeous Summer

There’s quite nothing like taking a dip in a Himalayan Lake, 14000 feet above the sea level. Basking on the sandy shores of a Himalayan Lake is a blissful experience. The concept of ‘evaporation leads to cooling’ is best explained here!!

The summer heat has been relentless this year. And if the threat of global warming turns out to be true, spending more time in the mountains is the second best thing to do. The first best is obviously to apply commonsense and not act like an illiterate monkey.

We’ve scoured the hilly slopes of Himachal to come up with seven watery escapades, presenting the best our hilly state has to offer.

Let it be your resolution for 2017. To see at least one these seven lakes or maybe all of them. No more virtual travel!

Dashaur Lake: 13860 feet, Kullu-Lahaul

A turquoise gem neatly tucked amidst the giants of Dhauladhar and Central Himalaya. The lake is just a stone’s throw away from Rohtang Pass but you gotta aim in the right direction. And if you’re there in early June, you will discover a new shade of blue that’s not to be found elsewhere, I believe.

The frozen waters of Dashaur Lake have a bluish tinge so sparklingly beautiful that you would not consider it real unless you touch it with your own hands.

Maximum Altitude: 13860 feet/ 4200 meters
Trek Difficulty: Moderate.
Trek Distance: 6-8 km from Rahni Nallah/Rohtang Pass
Best Time to Visit: June-July / September-October
Read Details: Dashaur Lake Yatra: In the Backyard of Ghepan

Dashaur Lake, Kullu Lahaul
Dashaur Lake
Dashaur Lake, Kullu Lahaul
Mount Ghepan seen from Dashaur Ridge

Bhrigu Lake: 14100 feet, Kullu

The lake divine. A spectacular view of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Central Lahaul is one of the many highlights of this mountains walk. The trail leading to Bhrigu passes through a dramatic landscape that lets you understand the geographical setting of the Pir Panjals and Dhauladhar Himalaya and how Rohtang serves as a connecting link between these two.

From Bhrigu slopes, mountains appear magically positioned in a semi-circular arrangement. The lake itself can be approached either from Gulaba or Vashishth.

Maximum Altitude: 14100feet/ 4250 meters
Trek Difficulty: Moderate.
Trek Distance: 10-12 km from Gulaba
Best Time to Visit: June-July/ September-October
Read Details: The Whispering Silence of Bhrigu Lake

Pristine Waters of Lake Bhrigu, Kullu
Pristine Waters of Lake Bhrigu, Kullu

Nilkanth Mahadev Lake: 14800 feet, Lahaul

Arguably the most beautiful trail in Lahaul. My personal favorite. A blue colored lake, a vertical rocky pinnacle right above it, and white nothingness outstretched in every direction. The open fields that lay outstretched as far as one can see lead to the headwaters of Thirot Nallah and the base of the lake.

Maximum Altitude: 14800 feet/ 4490 meters
Trek Difficulty: Easy-Moderate.
Trek Distance: 15 km from Naingahar Village
Best Time to Visit: June (Snowy Trail), July-September (Watery Trail)
Read Details: Nilkanth Mahadev Yatra

Nilkanth Mahadev, 4480 Meters
Nilkanth Mahadev, 4480 Meters
Nilkanth RIver Crossing Lahaul
River Crossing

Ghepan Ghat: 13300 feet, Lahaul

A potentially dangerous but a beautiful lake nonetheless. A huge wall comprising of rock and ice appears to be the end of this lake, which  originates from a gigantic glacier flowing from the foot of a rocky satellite that seems to be touching the infinite. And that glacier is receding every year enlarging the surface area of this lake.

Maximum Altitude: 13300 feet/ 4050 meters
Trek Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Trek Distance: 11-12 km from Labrang Gompa
Best Time to Visit: June-September
Read Details: Ghepan Ghat Yatra, In The Kingdom of Ghepan

The Lake, 4070 Meters
The Lake, 4070 Meters
The King Mountain
The King Mountain

Dyna Sar: 14100 feet, Kangra-Kullu

Pass through a thick forest that doesn’t even let sunshine pass through it. Then walk past an unending maze of numerous ups and downs. And finally you reach at a camping ground, large enough to accommodate Alexander’s army. Up above another 100 meters, lies the crystal bowl lake of Dyna Sar.

The glacial slopes of Ghora Lotnu peak feed this crystal bowl and it remains frozen until late July. To see it in semi-frozen state would be an amazing experience.

Maximum Altitude: 14100 feet/ 4280 meters
Trek Difficulty: Moderate
Trek Distance: 14-15 km from Luhardi Village
Best Time to Visit: August-September
Read Details: The Jewel of Chota Bhangal

Dan Sar Dyna Sar Barot Luhardi
Dan Sar Dyna Sar Barot Luhardi

Manimahesh Kailash Lake: 13400 feet, Chamba

The abode of Lord Shiva! A beautiful lake overlooking the mystical Mount Kailas in Chamba. A heartwarming walk on a well marked trail along a wildly rejoicing stream. One of the most popular and frequently visited lakes in Himachal Pradesh.

Maximum Altitude: 13400 feet/ 4050 meters
Trek Difficulty: Easy
Trek Distance: 14 km from Hadsar Village
Best Time to Visit: June-July / Late September
Read Details: Chamba Kailas

Chamba Kailash Manimahesh
Chamba Kailash Manimahesh

If you don’t want to land directly at 14000 feet, you may trek to low altitude lakes in order to gain some Himalayan experience before you take up the big assignment.

So here are three ‘relatively’ low altitude lakes that you can visit as late as October- November.

Saryolsar Lake: 10250 feet, Kullu

The silent waters of Saryolsar Lake welcome you with a greenish tinge. Thick tall alpine conifers guard the lake. During winters, a semi-frozen lake is a marvelous spectacle. The road mostly remains open throughout the year and even if it doesn’t, you can always hike up from Shojha Village to the Lake.


Maximum Altitude: 10250 feet/ 3120 meters
Trek Difficulty: Easy.
Trek Distance: 3-4 km from Jalori Pass
Best Time to Visit: May-October
Read Details: The Abode of Budhi Nagin

Frozen Saryolsar Lake
Frozen Saryolsar Lake

Chakund Lake: 10000 feet, Chamba

Located in a remote corner of Chamba, this surely is a hidden gem. A five fingered peak, marks the boundary between Saho and Lilh/Jhumar in Chamba. The glacial slopes of this five fingered peak give birth to this incredibly beautiful lake.

Maximum Altitude: 10000 feet/ 3062 meters
Trek Difficulty: Easy-Moderate.
Trek Distance: 10 km from Kiri Village
Best Time to Visit: May-October
Read Details: Chakund Lake, Chamba

Chakund Lake Chamba Saho (5)-001
Chakund Lake, Chamba Saho

Kamrunag Lake: 9200 feet, Mandi

Abode of the Rain God of Mandi. A beautiful lake that can be approached from three directions. A winter sojourn to Kamrunag is an awe-inspiring experience.

Maximum Altitude: 9200 feet/ 2800 meters
Trek Difficulty: Easy.
Trek Distance: 8 km from Rohanda Village
Best Time to Visit: April-November
Read Details: A Frozen Wonder

Snow Trek to Kamrunag Lake
Frozen Kamrunag Lake, January 2015

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