Five Travel Blogs that will Inspire You

This is the age of listicles. Everyone is telling you 99 reasons to do this and 101 reasons not to do that.

So, I thought I’d also come up with a list of my own. Moreover, unpredictable rains have made it almost impossible to venture out in the mountains, so no option but to rot in the room and write a listicle.

A sureshot way to success in the modern Internet era. 

On second thoughts, the only reason I’m coming up with a listicle is because I should have done this a long time ago. There are many great Travel Bloggers out there and if you are not following them, you are missing out on a great deal of fun and action. However, I can only tell you about those blogs which I read.

So, let me tell you 5 great reasons to …….hmmm…. just read and be inspired to travel.

Musafir Hun Yaaron – Neeraj Jat’s Wonderland

This is by far the best and most informative (hindi) blog I’ve ever come across. Neeraj is an expert of Indian Railways and the mountains and the deserts and what not! And no, I am not exaggerating.

In 2012, Neeraj traveled 22742 km by train across the country. He is probably the only Indian I know who traveled all the way from Manali to Ladakh on cycle, solo.

Recently, he got married and now he has got a permanent travel companion. Together they traveled on their motorcycle across the high and dry passes of Ladakh. 20 days in the Mysterious Kingdom of Ladakh. An account of their Ladakh Journey can be read here.

He has redefined the meaning of budget travel through his journeys. And inspired a good number of people to document their travel experiences.

And he is not your typical Jat which you come across in media reports. His wife goes wherever he goes, be it the mind numbing heights of the Himalaya or the stinking corridors of India’s sleeper rail coaches.

Neeraj & Nisha - Crazy Jat's
Neeraj & Nisha – Crazy Jat’s


Devil On Wheels – Team Dheeraj Sharma

Anything you want to know about Ladakh or Spiti, DOW is your one stop solution. What started as a one man effort has today grown into a community of more than 10,000 travel enthusiasts. Although they call themselves Devil’s but their actions speak otherwise.

Recently, they took up the challenge of starting a library in the remote lands of Spiti Valley and as I write about them, they are busy empowering hundreds of young dreams through Spiti Library Project

Whenever I am asked about any stay or rental recommendations in Spiti or Ladakh, I simply ask them to go to DOW recommended hotel and pretend to be known to Dheeraj. Everything else, will automatically fall in place.

And, DOW doesn’t charge even a penny because their only objective is the love for the Himalayas.

In Ladakh and Spiti, almost everybody knows Devil On Wheels. Such is the goodwill they have earned over a period of years.

DOW Spiti Library Project
DOW – Spiti Library Project


Thinking Particle – Travel with Vishnu

Vishnu Kumar, the man behind Thinking Particle literally takes you to ‘unexplored regions’ of India. He has a knack for picking hitherto unexplored landscapes across the globe and not just India.

Every minute detail that you should know about your travel destination, every little query or doubt that creeps in your mind, Vishnu has got an answer for all your questions.

His North Eastern sojourns are a treat to watch and read and so are his excursions along the wildest rivers of Meghalaya. His winter expedition in Spiti is surely an awe-inspiring read.

Thinking Particle Vishnu's Blog
Thinking Particle


Trek Himachal – Explore Your Backyard!

The first thing that comes to my mind before I write anything about Trek Himachal is a humble Thank You. I am thankful to Shalabh who started documenting his travel expeditions so as to help hundreds of inquisitive explorers like me.

The last article that was posted on this website was a long time ago but even till date it continues to help the needy ones with GPS Maps, trek profile, and altitude breakdowns of passes of the Dhauladhar Himalaya.

Trek Himachal is one of the several other reasons that inspired me to travel and write.

Trek Himachal Shalabh's Blog

Inditramp – A Travel Magazine 

I’d call it a photography wonderblog. Bharat Bhadwal certainly knows those tricks which not many photographers, including me, are aware of.

You gotta go through his blog to believe what I say. And like they say about the mountains, you don’t go to Bharat’s blog twice. Just once is enough!

Inditramp India Blog

I hope you will dig deep into these blogs before any of these bloggers turns crazy and starts asking money for their content.

Happy Reading 🙂

3 thoughts on “Five Travel Blogs that will Inspire You”

  1. Thank you for your recommendation. It feels good to be in some exalted company. The air is thinner up here 🙂
    On a positive spin, there is so much to do in the Indian Himalayas that a span of a lifetime seems trivial in comparison.
    Cheers from everyone at inditramp.

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