Bajaj Scooter – HID-4501 – The King Of Old Times!

“The reel world was the real world”, said an old photographer friend of mine who started his photography journey when I was not even born.

Be it a reel photo or a digitized one, photographs touch our lives because they remind us of the good old times.

The first thing I remember about two wheelers is HID – 4501, our Bajaj Scooter. That was my father’s second scooter and first one for us, the kids.

Dad, Me, and My twin Brother. Center of Attraction: ‘HID-4501’. Picture Clicked in 1990

Our father would tell us stories of riding in the dark, in snow, amidst graveyards on his scooter and those stories always made us proud of him.

Some of his stories were ‘made up’ to force us to bed while some were hardcore real. He started taking us with him on weekend rides just as we crossed the age of four.

During our weekend escapades, we would shout at the top of our voices, asking him not to let anyone take over. Whenever a car or bus took over, he would tell us that he actually let them go because he knew the car owner. And we used to wonder how he knows every car owner. Soon we realized that cars are actually faster than scooters.

4501 was just not a scooter for us, it was proud possession; the jewel of our family.

The times have flown by; nobody rides a scooter these days in our family but 4501 is not a forgotten story. These Sepia shades, touch of the photo, and musty smell actually took me back to my childhood.

As I see the photo-album, the flipping sound appears coming right from the childhood streets.

Afterall, you never forget your first love and your first ride.

And as the scooters are becoming fashionable these days, I hope the camera reels too come back to life.

This post is my entry for the’One Picture From My Photo Album’ contest conducted by My Yatra Diary and CupoNation.”

I nominate the following three bloggers:

Smita –

Pooja Parashar –

Neeraj Jat –


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