Snowy Himachal 2012 – A Photo Journey

The Western Disturbances rocked Northern India in the first week of year. It snowed in almost each and every district of Himachal Pradesh. Even the places where summer temperature easily reaches 45 Celsius received snowfall. Some places like Kangra, Hamirpur, and Una witnessed snowfall after a gap of seven decades. Even the temple town Chintpurni welcomed snow after 76 years.

The higher reaches were totally devastated by snow storms and heavy rains. Chamba, Lahaul, and Kinnaur districts turned completely white. Shimla, Dharamsala, and Manali welcomed the year with fresh snowfall. A group of friends was enroute Shikari Devi and they had to abandon their journey midway because they were stuck in a snow storm. In the middle of the forest they were stranded and somehow managed to save their lives by hiding inside a lonely room. One of the guys caught fire because he was playing with petrol and then he was dragged in the snow outside so that fire on his clothes could be extinguished. Here are some photographs from different parts of Himachal making the new year bright, white, and shining.

Enroute Shikari Devi, stranded in the middle of the road in a snowstorm. (Mandi)


Chowari Village in Chamba. Some ppl think that saying “Chowari” in the morning brings bad luck. So they prefer calling it ” Chhota Haridwar” instead. (Chamba)
Himachal Roadways, arguably the best bus service in the country.(Mandi)
Snowfall in Hamirpur - A historical event. Should we celebrate or worry about the future?(Hamirpur)
Indru Nag, a childhood memory, a small temple on the top of a hillock, where from the real ascent to the Dhauladhar starts. (Dharamsala)

 Snowfall in Lahaul Valley near Udaipur

Snowfall in Lahaul Valley near Udaipur (Lahaul and Spiti)
Snowfall in NHPC Colony Chamba. The township remained disconnected from the external world for four days, without electricity.


Snowfall in Dharamsala
Sarahan Temple Rampur, Shimla
Queen of Hills Shimla,PTI

The Western Disturbances might disturb the climate in January and if it snows again the way it did, it is going to break all the records and the Leh Riders would have to wait long for their journeys this year. Snowfall in planes is definitely not a good sign. This untimely and unexpected snowfall should be celebrated or not is a million dollar question. However, with a short term view we can close our eyes, wear shining clothes, and click some nice photographs but in the long run it might not turn out as beautiful as it looks today. The weather forecast says that in the coming week (13-18 January) weather will turn furious and we might see snow flakes resting on our rooftops one more time. Few weeks ago I was wondering if summers will arrive soon this year and now it seems that winters are going to stay forever.

Photo Credit: Akashdeep Photography

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  1. Tarun Goel sir ji aap to bura maan gaye….sarahan wali vikrant sir ki hai chamba wali ravneet sir or indrunaag babu sir or market hmr wali akashdeep or udiapur aap abhi ja ni sakte but nice work…

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  3. मैं जब भी पहाड़ की फोटो देख लेता हूँ……बस…मन करता है उड़ जाऊं….वहाँ पहुँच के…जब वो परिचित सी गंध पहाड़ों की…….जब पहली बार नथुनों से टकराती है…..तो छाती भर के सांस लेता हूँ….कई बार……..अक्सर इमोशनल हो जाता हूँ………क्योंकि बचपन याद आ जाता है……..बीवी पूछती है की क्या हुआ…….मैं कहता हूँ की तुम नहीं समझोगी…….ये पहाड़ देख के बचपन याद आ जाता है…..

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