The Traffic Barrier

There is a barrier ahead and I see cops, for god sake let me drive, you are drunk, said the beautiful lady.
It was a luxurious sedan, metallic black in color and the speakers could easily damage your diaphragm unless you were too drunk to notice the music noise. The young lady had met that guy outside the pub and just a glance at his car ensured that she loved him. 
At the mere sight of policemen she was scared to death. Probably she did not know that luxurious Sedans are far more powerful than an ordinary policeman. The car stopped at the barrier without anyone asking to stop it. The window rolled down and the guy popped his head out towards the police officer standing near the barrier, supposedly he was the officer-in charge. 
Hey, why this barrier? What’s going on? You always trouble common people and terrorists blast you in your face always, he shouted at the police officer and smiled at his girlfriend.
This is for your safety sir. We are checking if there is any case of drunk driving, reported back the police officer.
So, have you found any case as yet or not?
Not yet sir, said the police officer.
Try to find one, it is important, and he slipped a thousand rupee in his hand. The girl was too happy to see his newly made boyfriend’s influence. The guy was too drunk to notice her happiness; he was busy staring at her cleavage. He knew he had scored a touchdown. 
The police officer kept looking at the one thousand rupee note in his hand. Mahatma Gandhi’s image was shining under the newly installed halogen lamp. Tail lights of the sedan were shimmering at some distance and a dog was barking probably because it was parked at his sleeping spot.
The officer completed his round up and as soon as he entered inside his police station half an hour later, he saw two bodies wrapped in white, soaked in blood. The ambulance guy was getting late and he wanted the officer to have a look at the bodies and sign documents because he had to go to another location, someone else too was found dead on the road. 
The officer asked his hawaldar to uncover their bodies and the uncovered faces did not surprise him much. He had seen them half an hour ago sitting in a luxurious Sedan. He forgot the brand of the car though but image of Mahatma Gandhi’s shining face was still alive in his head.
He signed documents, lighted a cigarette and asked his hawaldars to settle those bodies.
One of his hawaldar’s voice could be heard in the background, “A truck hit them. The truck driver was too drunk to run away from the spot. He sat there waited for the police to arrive. Poor guys died for no mistake of theirs.”
We need to tighten the screw on these drunkards. Loss of life is the greatest loss, said an elderly hawaldar.
The police officer was staring at the Satyamev Jayate emblem, strangely he was facing the wall and the emblem stared him in his face.

5 thoughts on “The Traffic Barrier”

  1. drunk driving s really an offense…people must realize that life s precious n u can't get away frm a policewaala by giving him 'Patti' of any denomination…but as far as bribing is confirmed twice i was caught by policewaala late at night but i was nt driving…i bribed him 500 n 100…yes i paid bribe 🙂

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