The Dharamshala Stadium

Two weeks back, I and JP decided to go to Dharamshala on one of our random journeys. The Dharmashala Stadium is where two matches of IPL will be held. The stadium was still under construction. The left portion of the stadium, if you enter from the main gate, was under construction. It reminded me of Delhi’s preparation of the Commonwealth Games 😛

Himachal also belongs to India, i felt suddenly 😀

The left side is completely nude and they are working on dressing it up.
The HPCA Pavillion, Dharamshala

If you join the top of the Red Building with the top of the flood light and then extrapolate its bisector towards the Dhauladhar Range, the point where it meets the hilly terrain was my colony in my 9th and 10th class 🙂

The place is cool and somewhat like New Zealand Grounds . However this ground has a capacity of 400 runs in a single innings.

I was about to go to see the match but ICICI dumped me for the first time and now we are going to Chamba. Just another of our random trip \m/

9 thoughts on “The Dharamshala Stadium”

  1. So hindi main bole to u r not going!!!! Bad!!! U shud have gone there!!!

    Can not see the pics right nwo but saw some in todays news paper and I am loving the stadium!!

  2. how to go, they have put strange conditions.
    online ticket ka print leke udhar jaao ek din pehle.
    isse achha Chamba hoga, i'm sure 🙂

  3. yaar stadium to mast hai… maine socha yahan ka weather cool hai to acha low scoring match dekhne ko milega jahan Bat and bowl ke bitch me fight hoga lekin yahan bhi pitch ka wahi haal hai….

    tere colony ke location ka mathemetical explanation acha hai…

  4. wat else u poor jobless can do… 😛 rather than roaming over all stadiums,temples…. 😉
    right naa?

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